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We are based in Kingsley, Perth, Western Australia. Travel costs may accrue.

Evaporative, reverse cycle, split systems air conditioning & gas or electric hot water system repairs, replacements & installs call 93092873 or mobile 0417989069. Email; [email protected]

Carrier heating & cooling wall hung split Air conditioners.
New Range, DC inverter!
Reverse Cycle Split Prices will increase after 30 June 2017
Carrier 2.6kw indoor & outdoor
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Carrier 3.5kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Carrier 5.5kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Carrier 6.5kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Carrier 8.0kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Split system Installation prices

Install Prices for a back to back installation in the metropolitan area. Subject to site inspection.
2.5kw -3.5kw Inverter systems - $660 Inc. GST. Connection to existing circuit only. If a new power supply circuit from the main board is required – Price increase to $820.00 up to 15 metres of cable.

4kw to 5kw Inverter system -$880 Inc. GST. New power supply circuit up to 15 metres of cable from the main board.

7kw to 8kw Inverter system -$990 Inc. GST. New power supply circuit up to 15 metres of cable from the main board.

9kw to 9.9kw Inverter systems -$1,100.00 Inc. GST. New power supply circuit up to 15 metres of cable from main board.

Extra costs for cable over 15 metres $8.50 per metre.

refrigeration pipe and drain over 3 metres. $50.00 per metre.

Second or more storey's P.O.A.

Roof mount; P.O.A.

If we require to use a Genie Hoist/lifter to lift add $200.00. The outdoor air conditioner is to heavy to manualy lift onto a roof or wall bracket.

If we have to lift roof sheets, difficult work or work with a truss roof this will cost extra.
Please note; this doesn't include additional work to switchboard including meter upgrade.

Back to back install.

* A back to back installation includes:

*Electrical circuit Back to main board up to 15 metres of cable unless stated in the price.

Outdoor unit positioned existing paving. (If we have to install a slab to sit the air conditioner on it will be extra).

3 meters of refrigeration pipe and interconnecting cable. (If we have to install extra refrigeration pipe work it will be extra).

1 Length duct cover (2.4meters). (If we have to install extra duct cover it will be extra).Please note this does not include the electrical switchboard board upgrade or mains upgrade if needed (this can be quoted separately).

All prices are for a single storey, brick construction, timber roof construction, tiled roof, easy access and easy cable runs with the air conditioner inside and out having a standard outside cavity wall.

Does not include air conditioning installation brackets for the air conditioner to be attached to.
If you require a wall bracket or a roof bracket we can quote this separately.

Prices are subject to a site inspection.

Extra cost for split system installation non standard jobs.

Non standard house (non-cavity walls & non standard timber frame ceiling with tiled roof. not back to back. Non-standard install of indoor, outdoor air conditioner, refrigeration pipe work & electric cable run) P.O.A.
  1. Decommission existing air conditioner and disconnecting. we don't take it away. $165.00
  2. Drilling through steal or wood structure for pipework or cable installation. Above singe storey. P.O.A.
Ray Colley, Manager of Addwest Airconditioning & Electrical Services. My experience in the electrical, air conditioning and gas fitting industry is as follows;

  • 1963; I Started my Electrical apprenticeship in Perth, Western Australia.
  • 1968; I Completed my Electrical apprenticeship at the Mount Lawley Electrical Technical College. (License number EW101989))
  • 1976; I took out an electrical contractors license and I have worked for myself ever since. ( My License number is EC11367)
  • 1976; I first became involved in the installation and commissioning of Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning. Ever since that year I have been involved in the installation of refrigeration systems and refrigeration pipe work as well as commissioning air conditioning systems
  • 1985 I started designing, supplying and installing air conditioners full time. I have worked doing mostly just that ever since.
  • 1987; I received my gas fitters license at the Leederville Technical college. (License number GF004502)
Some time in the middle of the 1990's I became accredited in refrigeration. After it became law, refrigeration licenses were to be issued. Since then I received my licensed as a split system installer with a Refrigerant Handling Licence number LO17094.
Over the years I've been responsible for the successful installations of many air conditioners with many happy clients. Over the years I have employed eight apprentices. I believed it is very important that all industries employ apprentices.

Why do I need to use a licensed technician?


The refrigerant in modern split-system air conditioners is a potent greenhouse gas. One kilogram of the most common gas, R410a, has the same global warming impact as two tonnes of carbon dioxide – like driving a four-cylinder car for six months Therefore, the first priority is to ensure that this refrigerant does not escape into the atmosphere. Licensed technicians and authorised businesses have the skills and must operate to mandated standards to ensure that the emissions of these gases are minimised.


What you need to know.

When the materials are selected for an installation you could say that the air conditioning system is only 50%. It comes back to a correct design & installation to bring it up to as close to 100% for an air conditioned building to cool & heat properly and at the lowest running cost. (Grill & duct sizes, correctly zoning & balancing the system & installation). To get to as close to 100% the air conditioner sales persons need to have had the constant training from the manufactures & gain experience from selling, designing and installing over a lot of years working in the industry.
Polyaire have "The MaxiPoint Version 2 Zoning System"  to balance the outlets individually from the control pad on the wall inside the air conditioned building. (Up to 4 control pads can be installed around the building). A room needs the airflow out of a grill to increase or decrease throughout all the seasons. If this isn’t done the running costs will increase & you won’t be able to control the temperature in each room.
Toshiba heating & cooling wall hung split Air conditioners.
Reverse Cycle Split Prices will increase after 30 June 2017
Reverse Cycle Split Inverter Prices.
Toshiba 2.5kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Toshiba 3.4kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Toshiba 4.4kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Toshiba 5kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Toshiba 6.0 kw indoor & outdoor
Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

Toshiba 7.1kw Indoor & outdoor
Now Only "From P.O.A. installed" .
As Toshiba ducted air conditioners are an upmarket system we only give prices with a quote.

TOSHIBA RAS-10N3KV2-A, Complete Split System 2.5kW Cooling Capacity, 3.2kW Heating Capacity.

TOSHIBA RAS-13N3KV2-A, Complete Split System 2.5kW Cooling Capacity, 3.2kW Heating Capacity.

TOSHIBA RAS-16N3KV2-A Complete Split System 4.4kW Cooling Capacity, 5.3kW Heating Capacity.
TOSHIBA RAS-18N3KV2-A, Complete Split System 5.0kW Cooling Capacity, 5.8kW Heating Capacity.

TOSHIBA RAS-22N3KV2-A, Complete Split System 6.0kW Cooling Capacity, 7.0kW Heating Capacity.
TOSHIBA RAS-24N3KV2-A, Complete Split System 7.1kW Cooling Capacity, 8.1kW Heating Capacity.

Model numbers may change.


New model air conditioning units.
 lower noise, more efficent more air & better handling of resistance.

Carrier reverse cycle ducted systems

(7.1/8.4kW) 4 outlets/4 zones
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed" .

(8.7/8.9kW) 6 outlets/4 zones
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed"

 (10.5/11.2) 7 outlets/4 Zones
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed"

 (13.5/16kW) 8 outlets/4 zones
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed"

 (16.5/17kW) 10 outlets/6 zones
 Now only "From P.O.A. installed"

Toshiba  reverse cycle ducted systems output sizes &  prices are also "From P.O.A. installed" .
See brochure for correct heating and cooling kW size output.

All prices are subject to site inspection.

Our phone number is 08 9309 2873

Addwest air conditioning since its establishment 7th May 1992 has been known for it's creative designs, engineering rightness, exceptional product knowledge and professional workmanship. We are able to achieve this by offering only the highest quality brands; Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG, Toshiba, Derby, Samsung and Kelvinator air conditioning, Carrier air conditioning, Brivis Climate systems and Polyaire air conditioning Products. These characteristics are the building outline for which we've built our full range of values to the air conditioning industry.

Stop before you shop

Think ahead, and purchase a system that fulfils your current and future needs. Keep in mind that a good air conditioning system increases the value of your home. The money you spend now is sure to pay off later.
Air conditioning your home is a long term investment so before you begin to look for a system you should look to the future. As the environment and your family lifestyles changes so will the need to have a new air conditioning system fitted or an upgrade to your old air conditioning system
Toshiba have a large manufacturing facility in Japan and are distributed all over the world through AHI Carrier. Brivis manufacture their products in Australia and so do Polyaire.
Addwest Airconditioning & Electrical Services
Refrigerated trading authorization number AU33289
We at Addwest Air conditioning can install all brands of air conditioning. We can also supply most brands of split system air conditioners. We are an air conditioning company located in Kingsley, Perth Western Australia. Split system brands we supply are Panasonic, Fujitsu, LG, Toshiba, Derby, Samsung and Kelvinator. We also supply and install Brivis evaporative air conditioners and Carrier Air conditioners. Domestic air conditioning and Commercial ducted Reverse cycle refrigerated air conditioning, Evaporative air conditioners and split air conditioners are what we mostly supply and install. Reverse cycle air conditioners for both heating and cooling. Brivis evaporative air conditioning as well as Brivis ducted gas heating with or without refrigerated add-on air conditioning for domestic air conditioning and commercial air conditioning. The temperature here in Perth can change on any given day from mid 20's to low 40's in the summer months with low humidity to high humidity. In the winter months the temperature here in Perth can also change quite considerably on any one day from 1 degree right up to the low twenty's. Our long time experience here in Perth is very important to the design, installation and commissioning of ducted air conditioning and air conditioner split systems.